There has been much media attention focus on the murder/suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs defensive player Jovan Belcher. Although it is tragic when any two people lose their lives to violence, it should be remembered that what occurred was cold-blooded murder. That would be the case if it were committed by a bum on the street, a political figure or a well-paid athlete.

We're certainly not implying that Jovan didn't have severe psychological problems, but virtually every murderer has severe psychological problems. This is why they eventually become murderers and certainly doesn't excuse the behavior. If so much attention is going to be given to this case, at least half of it should be focusing on the intelligent young woman who lost her life and her 3-month-old baby left motherless. They are certainly more so the victim than the estranged boyfriend/father.

During one of the NFL programs yesterday one of the commentators used the incident to call for gun control. The issue has nothing to do with gun control and has everything to do with self-control. Guns do not kill people, people kill people with guns. We all need to spend more time concentrating on what the real issues are, not only in this story, but the many stories that are brought to our attention by a media more focused on sensation than truth.