Come on, this is getting ridiculous, if not embarrassing. When are Republicans going to grow up? Being in the opposition doesn’t mean you have to oppose EVERYTHING President Obama does.

There are some issues that transcend politics. There are some times when Americans should stand together. And, surely, this is one of them.

As we learned in Squaw Valley, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, hosting the Olympic Games is not just a great honor and great publicity. The Games also create lots of new jobs and bring in tons of tourist dollars. They’re great for the host city and they’re great for the entire country.

What’s wrong for rooting for the USA?

As usual, Michael Steele has it backwards. It’s not wrong for the president to go to Copenhagen. Win or lose, it would be wrong for the president NOT to go.

And, besides, why’s Steele worried that Obama might take 24 hours away from the debate on universal healthcare? Under his inept leadership, all Republicans are going to vote against it anyway.