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Tiger's new weakness

Golf's second major championship of the year, the U.S. Open, begins this week at storied Pebble Beach Golf Links. The venue is one of golf's favorites. The greens are lightning-fast, the rough is deep and juicy, and there are few finishing holes that compare to Pebble's No. 18. You don't attack Pebble; you defend against high scores. In short, you manage your game much like an accountant would manage your 401(k) portfolio. That is, every pro except Tiger Woods.


Nobody’s perfect

Maybe Jim Joyce should run for president.

This is the only guy out there who admits he is not perfect. And that refreshing bit of honesty has inspired America.

Joyce is the umpire who blew the call in Detroit the other day, and his blown call ruined a perfect game pitched by Armando Galarraga on the last out of the game.

Joyce put it this way. “I just missed the damn call ... This isn’t a call. This is a history call. And I kicked the s--t out of it. I take pride in this job, and I took a perfect game away from that kid over there who worked his a-- off all night.”


Olbermann versus Limbaugh on sports: Play ball!

You gotta love this. The right wing is up in arms because major league sports give respect to the sports expertise of Keith Olbermann while Rush Limbaugh has been unable to buy a team. Boo-hoo. What whiners!

The fact is, Keith Olbermann has long been one of the most respected sportsmen in media, as most sports fans know, long before he became a leading progressive host. He deserves respect. He has earned respect. He will get respect. He should. The right should stop whining about this.


Understanding ‘Lost’

My kids watch a comic news report about the unfortunate spouse or family member who lives with someone who watches “Lost” and suggests survival strategies. As this astonishing concoction of soap opera, Saturday matinee, and mythical religion draws to a close, it might be worth explaining to them what is happening. This is what is going on with that: In our time, the 2000 year ages known as Platonic Months have shifted. The Age of Pisces, which began when three Zoroastrian astrologers followed a star to Bethlehem, has ended. It ended technically on January 1, 2001 and the next 2,000-year link in the 24,000 year sun cycle, the Age of Aquarius, began on that date. This is what “Lost” is about.


Tiger, Tiger, burning bright: The agony of defeat and the emptiness of victory

It’s a little scary how often real life serves up these tidy morality plays. It almost makes you wonder if life has meaning after all.

Why bother to watch “Citizen Kane” when you can see the Masters, live and in high-definition color?
Day four at Augusta. Tiger bogeys three of the first five holes, then compensates with an eagle and two birdies on the next four. He is back, it seems.


Even RNC spends money better than the Redskins

Please note the headline is only a trick to get a Redskins lamentation past the editor of this political blog … (It worked. — Ed.)

The Washington Redskins won four games last year. By the end of the season, it was painfully obvious that they were many years away from contending for a Super Bowl. Some writers, players and fans quickly forgot all about that and instantly proclaimed the Skins contenders again when they acquired Donovan McNabb earlier this week. Do not let yourself be talked into believing Donovan McNabb can turn the Redskins into a playoff contender. The trade is not a sign of progress the Redskins are making, but a sign of their continued dysfunction.


U.S. v. Canada: ‘The greatest game in history’

Since 2002, the Winter Olympics has been becoming more interesting for two reasons. First, the high point of the Games is getting to be the two hockey games at the end, the women’s and the men’s matches. Second, that healthy competition is increasingly looked forward to as a match between Canada and the Unites States. Real rivalries tell us who we are. In 1980, in the so-called Miracle on Ice, the game between the United States and the Soviet Union claimed our identity as Cold Warriors and as European outlanders with an ancient legacy of contention. But that century and millennium is past and a new century is upon us. And if sports help tell our story, Canada today is our growing friend and competitor. As it should be with two New World countries very much alike.


Politics, cars, golf and game shows

Either television's star is rising again or this is the final nova, exploding into the Internet black hole. It doesn't matter. Forget primetime. Stay glued to your sets for the Daytime Olympics. Or at least set your DVR.

The television spectacular began last Friday, as we cringed while watching that golf automaton mechanically recite the contrite words and phrases his advisers had programmed into him. It was eerily amazing to see how human he almost seemed to be.


Creating jobs and Olympic gold

While I am not exactly addicted to the Winter Olympics, I have been catching snippets of NBC’s coverage at least a little bit every day.

I have been most fascinated by the diversity of the Olympics. Not the racial diversity, but the diversity in sporting events. You have curling, snowboarding, speed skating, figure skating. You have the long tracks, short tracks, the moguls, the aerials, the jumpers and everything else under the sun.


Obama’s inappropriate interview at the Super Bowl

The Tea Party Convention in Nashville on Saturday night was funky and alive. And what a contrast to the formulaic and phony interview with President Barack Obama — a government/network joint-venture infomercial really — that Katie Couric and CBS interjected inappropriately into the Super Bowl pre-game programming.