Now that the verdict is in, let’s tell it like it is: Blagojevich is everywhere in American politics, and in every corner of this capital in Washington, D.C.

Principled conservatives and principled liberals know the truth, that pay for play is everywhere. Washington is Blagotown.

Principled conservatives know that if money did not change hands Blago-style in the capital, the budget deficit would be far lower; useless pork would be far less; government spending would be much lower.

Principled liberals know that if money did not change hands Blago-style in the capital, the public option would now be law, many useless tax loopholes would disappear, unnecessary weapons systems would not be charged on the credit card of the taxpayer and Wall Street bonuses of bailed-out bankers would have been fairly taxed in the recent financial law.

Pay for play is everywhere. Our politics is owned by money, our campaigns are polluted by money, our legislation is bought and sold by money, and money changes hands in Blagotown USA, in Washington, D.C., at breakfasts, lunches and dinners every hour of every day.

Wouldn't it be great if principled conservatives, principled liberals and political independents of all varieties could agree on cleaning up the mess that raises the deficit, the waste, the fraud and the corruptions of democracy?

The verdict is in, in Chicago. When will the verdict be rendered in Washington, D.C., which, in truth, is Blagotown USA?