The biggest mistake Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans are making is that they are only taking on Democrat-friendly public employee unions (namely the teachers union) while laying off typical GOP-supported unions like the firefighters and police. He is also not cutting the pensions of elected officials. Thus making the current budget/union fight look more like a GOP power play than a legitimate attempt to solve a budget problem.
If Gov. Walker had started by cutting elected and appointed government officials’ benefits first and foremost, he would have shown the mark of a truly great leader by sharing in the sacrifice. Then he needed to include all other public employee unions — police, firefighters, teachers, etc. — in order to demonstrate this was an issue that went beyond politics. With the added legitimacy of his own sacrifice established, he could have truly made the case that “we are all in it together.”
The choice right now isn’t left or right, it’s whether we come together and overcome our budget plight or fight against each other while America falls.