What a brilliant prank! Now we know the truth. When he thought he was talking to his billionaire benefactor from the far right, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) did the impossible. He simultaneously sounded like a true megalomaniac with an immense notion of his historical greatness — and a fawning shill for special interests!

Considering his modest poll numbers, one would think Walker would have a more modest vision of his personal destiny.

Considering his masquerade as a man of the people cutting deficits, one would think Walker would show a little more discretion, even in what he thought was a private conversation with the boss who writes the checks from the special interests whose water the governor carries.

The man who seems to believe he is the next Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill was, it turns out:

Exposed by a lefty blogger!

Revealed as a shill for special interests!

This is vanity, wrapped in special-interest money, waging a war against workers, headed for a recall petition.