It was the greatest victory for labor in decades. It was the beginning of a progressive revival in America. It will be the end of Republican control of the Wisconsin Senate. It is the beginning of the end for the anti-worker, anti-wages, anti-jobs, anti-benefits, anti-democracy, soon-to-be former Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

I have to laugh when I watch befuddled cable pundits say: "Oh dear, I didn't realize collective bargaining is as American as apple pie"! Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is. The public overwhelmingly supports collective bargaining for American workers, including public workers! Oh, dear!!!

The Wisconsin gambit by Scott Walker and his Republican cohorts was a smashing victory for American workers and American labor, and a crushing defeat for the radical right. They won the battle in a way that dooms them to lose the war by a landslide.

While most of the Washington-based cable pundits and chattering classes miss the main point, the grassroots movement in the state that pioneered the progressive movement gets it, big time. There is a recall movement that is gathering steam that could defeat up to eight Republican Wisconsin state senators, and will almost certainly defeat at least three of them, and turn the Wisconsin Senate back to the control of Democrats!

Mark next January on your political calendar as the date that Gov. Walker, who would now be overwhelmingly defeated for reelection, and whose negative numbers are climbing to the skies, is eligible to be recalled himself.

Gov. Walker will be recalled.

Gov. Walker will be defeated and replaced by a Democrat.

Gov. Walker's term as governor of Wisconsin will ultimately be briefer than Sarah Palin's term as governor of Alaska!

Collective bargaining will be enshrined as a right that is cherished by a large majority of voters, as American as apple pie.

The progressive movement has been roused and revived, not by Democratic insiders in Washington, but by grassroots Americans in Wisconsin, and by workers standing up for their rights, and by good people across the nation who believe, correctly, that America is not the nasty and small-minded nation that Gov. Walker believes it is.

Goodbye Gov. Walker.

Hello progressive movement.

Three cheers for collective bargaining.

This is real change, we can really believe in!