Texas GOP, Boehner GOP face demographic Armageddon with women and Hispanics

When Texas Republicans fight a war against the abortion rights of women, oppose an exception for rape and then do not even know what a rape kit is; after the Republican governor of Texas destroys the hope of pay equity for women; while Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) battles to destroy fair immigration reform in Washington, the Texas GOP is looking like a far-right freak show simultaneously waging war against women and Hispanics.

From Austin, Texas, to Washington, D.C., the Republican Party is facing the prospect of a demographic Armageddon that is increasingly viewed as combining a war against women with a war against Hispanics. The hallmarks of the Republicans of the right are opposition to the rights of women and equal pay for women, and opposition to fair immigration law and economic opportunity for Hispanics.

To wage political wars against issues central to the two largest demographic waves, women and Hispanics, is a political suicide wish that could well elect a Democratic governor in Texas and bring back Democratic control to the House of Representatives in Washington.

To his credit, on immigration Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) understands this, but Cruz and his allies on the kamikaze right have set their nasty sights against Rubio. And House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is giving indications he may reject the bid for fair immigration.

Isn't it odd how the right, which recently viewed Rubio as a "savior," would now politically crucify him for trying to be reasonable? I can report that in Texas, there is now a major groundswell of support among Texas Democrats for Davis to run for governor, a growing confidence among Democrats that if Davis runs the margin in the governor's race could be razor-thin, and a growing feeling that Hillary Clinton has a great chance to carry Texas if she runs for president in 2016.