Duke Cunningham. William Jefferson. Jack Abramoff. Bob Ney. Tom DeLay.

Just when we’d thought we’d seen the bottom of the barrel, along comes another politician more crooked than all the rest: Rod Blagojevich, governor of Illinois.

He’s given the opportunity to name the next United States senator from Illinois to replace President-elect Obama — he’s given the chance to make history — and what does he do? He turns it into a chance to line his own pockets, instead: brazenly and openly plotting with his chief of staff and others how to trade the Obama Senate seat for a cushy job for himself or his wife.

What a disgrace. In America, of course, every man is innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution must prove its case. Every man has a chance to defend himself, and Blagojevich will have his day in court.

But the evidence is so strong in this case, the recorded telephone conversations are so damning, there’s one thing Blagojevich must do right away — and that’s resign as governor of Illinois.

After all, if Eliot Spitzer had to resign for trading sex for cash, Rod Blagojevich should have to resign for trading a Senate seat for cash. If he refuses to resign, the Illinois legislature should impeach him. Fast.

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