Here’s one thing I’ll never understand: Why do such smart men do such dumb things? Or maybe we should ask: Why don’t smart men use their brain instead of some other part of their anatomy?

It’s a bipartisan malady. Mark Foley and Larry Craig. Gary Hart and Bill Clinton. And now, Eliot Spitzer — caught by a federal sting operation in the middle of a high-class prostitution ring.

Ironically, Spitzer was trapped in a classic Spitzer-type investigation. As attorney general of New York, he was a relentless, moral crusader. Busting up crooked dealers on Wall Street. Fighting big insurance companies. And, yes, tracking down and exposing prostitution networks aimed at the big business and tourist trade.

How dumb can he be? Spitzer set the trap — and then walked right into it himself. As a prosecutor, as a husband and as a father, he should have known better. As a governor, he must now pay the price.

There is no way that Spitzer can continue as governor of New York. He has betrayed the public trust. He has violated the one rule we expect of every public official: that he or she who makes or enforces the law must also obey it.

Just think. Two days ago, people were talking about Eliot Spitzer as the next president from New York state. Today, he’s history, his political career ruined.

Again, why do such smart men do such dumb things?

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