“The U.S. Congress is in a state of serious disrepair and cannot fix itself,” writes Fairfax, Va., House of Delegates representative James M. LeMunyon. “It has reached this point over the course of many years — in fact over decades. Regardless of the party in power, Congress has demonstrated a growing inability to effectively address the major issues of our time, including soaring federal debt and the extension of federal authority to states and localities.”

Interest in calling a first-ever Article V convention is growing at the state level, writes LeMunyon, who has introduced a resolution (H.J. 183) in Virginia calling for a Constitutional Convention to restrain the national government. A petition for such a convention passed the Florida Senate last month. If approved by the House, he says, Florida would be the 20th state with an active call to do so.

The call for a Constitutional Convention might have been inevitable after the bewildering recent decisions of that motley sanga of vying ethnics that is the Supreme Court — a few of whom actually appear troubled — on private property and presidential powers and their casual dismissal of habeas corpus, a talisman of the English-speaking people since 1215 when it was incorporated in the Magna Carta.

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