Oilreporter The folks at CrisisCommons.org are a global network of grassroots volunteers who are passionate about and effective at using open tech to really help people in times and places of crisis. They're the real deal.

They just launched OilReporter.org, which is a way for people and responder groups to use the new tech to figure out what's going on in the big Gulf of Mexico oil spill, maybe help with cleanup.

Here's more, in their own words:

Oil Reporter was launched by CrisisCommons as an open data initiative to encourage response organizations to use mobile technology, geolocation and open data for greater information sharing and situational awareness during the Gulf Coast oil spill response and recovery. This initiative provides response organizations with an opportunity to create their own Oil Reporter mobile app, track their own data submitted by volunteers, add data elements to the open API and tap technical assistance from San Diego State University help aggregate and visualize data into useful products and tools.