The idea of holiday presents being delivered to our doors by drones sorta kills the idea of the thing, doesn't it?

Think of the possibilities of the drone society. If you are short on your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service could send a drone to your door with a notice. If you miss a credit card payment, your bank could send a dunning letter to you, delivered by drone!

My worst thought is that if I have a difference of opinion with a woman I am dating, she could send a drone with a nasty letter along with a book educating men how to better get along with the women in their lives.

I must be honest. There is something creepy about a president picking drone targets. There is something even creepier about a retailer invading our front porches with holiday cheer. I hope this blog does not plant the idea of drone-delivered tax notices in the mind of some enterprising IRS agent, not to mention banks, collection agencies, those involved in lovers quarrels, or a relative asking for a loan.

The creepiest thing is the growth of the surveillance state and the destruction of privacy in America. Combining personalized holiday present drones with the wholesale destruction of privacy is a bad idea. Personally I would rather take my holiday chances with UPS, or FedEx, or even the Postal Service.

Gotta run. Something just landed outside my door. Hope the NSA did not intercept this writing and send a drone warning me not to publish it.