is the major hub for networked grassroots democracy and Internet-based government reform. The good news is that government people who are genuine public servants have gotten the OK to address the public directly. (We need that in corporations also.)

Check out her introductory piece on techPresident:

... But what I’m hoping I can offer — as co-chair of the Federal Web Managers Council — is an insider’s view of the government web manager community and the challenges and issues we face every day in trying to transform government websites to better serve the public. I want to share some observations from inside the trenches. ...

So here’s what I’m hoping to do. I want to: 1) have a spirited, ongoing discussion about how we can use the Internet to transform interactions between government and its citizens; 2) change perceptions that the government is a bunch of faceless bureaucrats; and 3) amplify important and innovative things going on inside and outside government that we should adopt as government-wide standards or benchmarks.

Sheila's the real deal, and I welcome her as one of our new nerd (content) overlords.