Candi has worked a lot on this, and now she's free to speak out regarding real advice and experience in Now the Real Innovation Begins.

There's a lot of people in government ready to go, providing better customer service and internal processes, but there are regulatory issues and internal politics.

But at some point, innovation in government always hits that brick wall of reality: the responsibility not only to serve citizens but also to respect and protect their rights and needs. Citizens count on government to do the right thing. Security and privacy and accessibility and open competition and fairness are important to citizens and the reality that government faces. These responsibilities can hobble innovation, and some innovators try to suppress or ignore these responsibilities — seldom a successful strategy. But I don’t think that’s going to happen this time.

She cites three papers that are a big deal:

* “What Is the Most Important Thing" by Gwynne Kostin from DHS
* “Mixed Feelings About OGI Conference" by Jaime Maynard (login required)
* “Why Do Governments Keep Getting Technology Wrong?” by Tanya Gupta