So next week they announce their plan, and will step up and answer your questions.

Here's the info, at “The Internet in America”—Your YouTube Interview with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski:

Following the announcement of the National Broadband Plan next Tuesday, YouTube will interview Chairman Genachowski as part of a series of in-person interviews with government leaders answering your questions. Check out the latest You Tube Interview with President Obama here.

Join the discussion at Citizen Tube and submit your question for Chairman Genachowski via Google Moderator today. You can also vote on the best questions in any of seven topic areas:

  • Access and Affordability
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • Security and Privacy
  • Digital Economy
  • Internet in Schools
  • Open Internet / Network Neutrality
  • Others (learn more at
  • The deadline for questions is Sunday evening at midnight on the west coast.