EPA is committed to expanding the conversation on environmentalism through our open government Initiatives. Transparency is business as usual for EPA - but we can and will do more. We recently launched our open government Web site, and established OpenEPA to obtain your feedback for our open government plan. We've listened to your feedback over the past month on this forum, and are taking action. Here are some highlights:

  • Transparency:  One of your top ten suggestions to date on OpenEPA was to release our Toxic Substance Chemical Act Inventory - we released this inventory on Monday, March 15. Visit the inventory  | Information about EPA’s increasing transparency on chemical risk information 
  • Participation: We launched a new shout out feature (located under MyCollaboration) in MyEnvironment to applaud the environmental efforts of local communities and let neighbors know of all the good that is being done for the environment right in their own backyards! 
  • ... (and lots more)

Also, they're trying ways to get everyone to take a little responsibility, a little ownership for the environment, like a video contest, Show the World It’s YOUR Environment!

Join our “It’s My Environment” Earth Day video project! It’s easy, fun and YOU could be a media star in the final video! In a 10-15 second clip:

Have someone from off screen hand you a sign saying “It’s My Environment” from your right (so it’ll come into the screen from the viewer’s left)