Technology — Big News Regarding Federal Accountability and Transparency

The Obama folks are really serious about telling us how Washington operates and the role of money there.

This is a genuinely big advance in grassroots democracy.

They just launched, which will be a repository of downloadable government data on what's really going on. The deal is that you can write a Web application that reaches into that data and makes it easy for anyone to see what's happening.

Bob Bauer on Professionalism and Ethics for Lobbyists

Bob Bauer is one of the folks helping fix some major problems in American government by helping articulate and address a major problem. His work is of major importance, reminding us that lobbying often is in the public interest or is just about someone getting a fair shake for their clients.

This is a really big deal.

The Free Lunch

The old cliché that there is no such thing as a free lunch is being tested in a variety of ways in modern society.

The newspaper business is finding that out the hard way.

Newspapers survive by charging people to buy their new newspapers and by charging advertisers to run their ads so that the people who buy newspapers will see (if not read) their advertisements.

Big Stuff Happening at Fed Tech Managers Meeting,

Y'know, sometimes big things happen when really good people get together — maybe even inflection points in American history. We don't normally notice until years later, but social media changes that.

I spoke early at this conference, discussing the good work being done by the Federal Web Managers Council, the Sunlight Foundation and many others. They're doing real work which I feel will result in big improvements regarding the way we govern ourselves.

Twittering Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

Like most other unhealthy, neurotic Washington-based news junkies, the last thing I do before turning in at night is to check my BlackBerry just one last time for any evening news developments. I then dutifully place the little contraption that rules all on the nightstand about two inches from my face.

And yes, if I happen to awaken during the night, more likely than not I will take a quick glance just to make sure I haven’t missed anything important. Like I said, it is an unhealthy, neurotic, unbalanced way to live, but I suspect I am not alone in my electro-nocturnal habits.

Last night was no exception.

Real-Life Advice on Government Sites from Candi Harrison

I'm just a dilettante; here's some much better advice from Candi at Candi on Content. She's part of the solution:

Web governance has perplexed government web managers for years. Because web management has been — basically — a grassroots effort in the government (many government websites were born bottom-up … not top-down), web managers have struggled to get the attention of higher-ups to get the right pieces in place.