TSA Blog: A Good Example of Providing Improved Citizen/Customer Service

Just getting the word out about one use of the Web for better service. The TSA blog from the Transportation Security Administration has been groundbreaking in providing two-way communications that have resulted in real improvements. It's used to gauge public opinion, act on public feedback and change or update policy and operations based on that feedback. Complaints about screening procedures have resulted in actual changes in days, as opposed to months.

Get Senators to be Upfront About Campaign Contributions via Twitter

The folks at the Sunlight Foundation have launched a campaign to get senators to disclose campaign finances using Twitter. This is part of the movement to get greater transparency and accountability in Washington.

The idea is get senators to co-sponsor the right bill, and to defeat an amendment intended to kill this accountability effort. Looks like Sen. Pat Roberts (R), from Kansas, opposes it.

I've just Twittered Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.); please check it out and do your part, with my personal appreciation.

Giving up Texting for Lent?

How could you not love this story out of Rome?

Apparently, Italians have taken up a papal call (released on YouTube, ironically) not to replace “virtual friendships with real human interaction” and have decided to give up texting for Lent. Traditionally, Catholics have given up something like sweets or alcohol for the 40 days preceding Easter, but this is definitely bringing the church into (or out of) the 21st century.

Minister of Digital Engagement: U.K. CTO?

Hey, Jeff Jarvis brings to light a job ad:

• Develop a strategy and implementation plan for extending digital engagement across Government

• Work with communication, policy and delivery officials in Government departments to embed digital engagement in the day to day working of Government

• Work with Directors of Communication to ensure that digital media are included in the reporting of reaction to Government policy and initiatives


Vivek Kundra May Be Obama's choice for OMB e-Gov Head

Hey, this would be really good news; he's been doing amazing work for the city of Washington. His stuff uses ’net tech for local customer service, and we need that everywhere. (I've seen it firsthand, and it’s not easy to impress me that much.)

Here's more:

The Obama administration plans to announce it has appointed Vivek Kundra, the District of Columbia's chief technology officer, to take the top information technology post in the federal government, according to a source.