Stepping up: Silicon Valley Partnership: The Innovators Fund

OK, the deal is that our country is about helping others out in a culture of trust and generosity. I'm thinking like the Marshall Plan of 60 years ago, a great expression of shared values that also prevented a lot of extremism and built markets.

Me personally, I feel that we should be that "shining city on the hill."

Here's a new first step in that direction, with some very minor involvement from me. I'm guessing my focus will be on the evolution of large-scale grassroots involvement via social media.


Veterans Affairs Open Government Initiative

OPENGOV_VA_412  Okay, a general theme of the Open Government thing is that people in the private and public sectors can work together, sometimes using some new tech. That way, taxpayers get more effective service from the government, better customer service, ultimately getting what we pay for.

That's a really big deal for all Americans, particularly when it comes to helping out troops who risked everything for us, often taking a bullet for us.


Q&A with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Part 2

Two weeks ago, the Federal Communications Commission submitted its first-ever National Broadband Plan to Congress. In Part 1 of this series, the FCC’s chairman, Julius Genachowski, took the time to explain why the United States needs a new, comprehensive approach to broadband and what the goals of the Plan are.

In Part 2, the chairman takes a step back and looks at the “big picture,” discussing his vision for the FCC as an organization and communications issues that he has prioritized since becoming its chief.


Q&A with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submitted its first-ever National Broadband Plan to Congress. It’s a big step toward bringing the United States up to speed with other advanced nations in broadband adoption and use. Recognizing the growing role of high-speed Internet access in the United States’ communications infrastructure, the plan outlines a new and ambitious vision for broadband over the next 10 years.

Among other recommendations, the plan proposes subsidizing Internet broadband providers that service rural areas, auctioning broadcast spectrum in order to make room for mobile Internet devices and funding a nationwide wireless public safety network to help different authorities coordinate an efficient response to national disasters, terrorist attacks and other public emergencies. 


More from the Veterans Affairs innovation initiative

VHAInnovationInitiative_image The deal is that workers at Veterans Affairs know a lot about what must be done to serve veterans better.

I had been part of the first innovation initiative, focusing on process improvement with claims processing, with actual results.

Next month, I'll help judge this new round.


About a month ago, Secretary Shinkseki announced the “Innovation Initiative” for Health Records Improvements: