Technology moves ahead for better public service is a great community site for public servants and citizens who want to help out. It's pretty much their Facebook.

Currently, it supports about 20,000 gov't employees across the country, people who really believe in public service, who didn't give up during recent years.

The deal is that Stever Ressler will be assuming a committed role there, with a big relationship with


Public diplomacy: Virtual Student Foreign Service

The State Department is really serious about using the Internet to get people to reach out to people in different countries. This is the "21st-century statecraft" stuff, person-to-person public diplomacy. I figure it's our way of reminding the world that our government and people are serious about American values again.

The next step is the Virtual Student Foreign Service, where students considering this form of public service can actually do something real.


Great FCC stand on net neutrality

It's a long subject, but net neutrality is about trying to treat people fairly on the Internet, on providing a level playing field.

There are some folks portraying this as more regulation, but that's plain not honest.

It's about making sure your website and pages have the same chance of getting to someone as the big guys’.

Julius Genachowski is running an FCC that addresses real American needs, not for privilege for a few ISPs.