Wiki what?

I think it was my grandmother who once said, “Nobody buys the cow, if they can get the milk for free.”

I thought about Grandma in the context of the Wikipedia protest of the SOPA bill.

In full disclosure, one of my clients is a content company that care deeply that they are being forced to give their milk away for free, thanks to the vagaries of the Internet.


Stem cells

Over the past decade there's been much excitement about the potential of stem-cell transplantation as effective treatment of various medical conditions. Unfortunately, most of it has been hype and fantasy. More recently, researchers have found ways to inject stem cells into the bloodstream and various other parts of the body in a way that does not produce uncontrolled growth or attempts by the body to reject those stem cells.


Apple in mourning

When I heard of Steve Jobs’s death, the thought came to my mind of John Lennon’s death; the circumstances were different but the times — Lennon died Dec. 8, 1980 — remarkably the same. And both found symbolism in the apple. Drudge had a picture of Steve Jobs from the beginning, dressed in a business suit, holding an apple. Actually, offering us an apple. The apple appeared as well in Virginia Postrel’s remembrance of Jobs in Bloomberg, illustrated by Leif Parson’s rendition of the iconic Magritte painting of the Englishman in bowler hat with an apple obscuring his face. But the apple is sky blue, like the company’s logo, and the sky gray, in mourning.


Einstein revisited

Will Einstein join Marx and Freud now as a god that failed? One of the “three visitors” who came to us at the turning, that is, at the end of the world and the beginning?

Einstein was Monkey God as the century opened to the new creation. His picture today hangs on the classroom walls everywhere where Jesus, Washington or Ganesh once did.

Even Franklin D. Roosevelt borrowed from his cosmic observations and made with them an atom bomb.

“My biggest mistake,” Einstein said later.


Steven VanRoekel, new US chief information officer

Hey, the good news is that Steven's taken the job held recently by Vivek Kundra, who's done a really good job of making Federal IT more effective and saved a lot of taxpayer dollars.

Steven comes from the FCC, where I saw firsthand that he's really good at the same, bringing with him a lot of real-life private industry experience.

There'll be a lot more news on this really soon, but the deal is that I wanted to let people know the good news: I bear witness that Steven's the real deal.


Will male fertility bring an end to the ‘man-child’?

Few women are unaware of the proverbial biological clock. As a result, girls often have their educational and professional “plan” in place at an early age to ensure they can enjoy both a career and a family. On the flip side, men, who have the ability to have children late in life, often don’t feel the same pressure. While young women are busy advancing their plans under the loud tick-tock reminder of their biological limitations, many men are enjoying a bromance, video games, the social scene, and slowly getting around to a career.

It seems this difference in family-planning pressures might help explain the increasingly cavernous maturity gap between the genders. If so, recent studies about male fertility could start to change that.


A public servant who gets things done

Vivek is leaving his position as chief information officer of the whole USA after making major contributions to the country.

The deal is that it’s hard to get stuff done in Washington, with lots of entrenched interests, and sometimes projects that don’t get done, or worse, get done and make things worse.

Vivek both helped get projects done and helped slash other projects, savings billions of dollars in the short term and enabling a lot of other good projects.


Startup app from SBA

There’s a lot going on in Washington, people trying new ways to provide real help to citizens in a cost-effective manner. Often that involves social media or other such tech.

Here’s something new from the Small Business administration … and remember, small businesses are the big job creators in the U.S.:

SBA’s Mobile App helps entrepreneurs find local resources so they can start or grow their business through professional mentors, workshops and introductions to funding or contract opportunities. SBA’s resource partner network includes 10,000+ business mentors, 3,000+ locations, and hundreds of procurement centers and commercial lenders throughout the US. Aspiring entrepreneurs can use the built-in startup cost calculator to get their plans in action before meeting with a mentor or attending a business planning workshop. SBA videos and official notices are also available via the app so entrepreneurs have info on-the-go.


Voto Latino gets young Latinos to register to vote

Hey, I’ve been working with these guys; they do a great job helping people with their voting rights.

Check out and their Facebook page, maybe do me a favor and Like it.

Here’s a little more from their site.

Founded in 2004, Voto Latino is shaking-up America’s political establishment by bringing thousands of young Latinos into the political process. A non-partisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization, Voto Latino has produced award-winning, multiple-media campaigns headlined by celebrity voicesthat encourage young Latinos to register to vote and get engaged. Voto Latino strongly believes it is this new generation of young American Latinos who will shape America’s democracy for a generation.


‘I’m the creeper; catch me if you can!’

In 1971, this sentence started popping up on computer screens all across ARPANET, the network we recognize today as the ancestor of the modern Internet. The whimsical message, it soon emerged, was the work of “Creeper,” the first-ever self-replicating computer program. Created by a Massachusetts researcher, Creeper traveled from computer to computer, displaying its simple message before hopping to the next one. It didn’t delete any files, it didn’t snatch any personal information — it just said hello. Someone even developed a companion program, “Reaper,” that followed Creeper around, removing it from infected systems.