Obama is the god that failed

Obama was calling on reinforcement from liberal reviewers with an already proven formula, his prose and his speeches a kind of Book of Common Prayer for liberals, asking for and getting predictable, canned responses. He was an interesting guy: the black kid in the popular and upscale crowd, but an abstraction; suspect to more grounded churchgoing, plain-folk blacks like Jesse Jackson, and determinedly mainstream in a race when others like John McCainJohn McCainKerry: US 'on the verge' of suspending talks with Russia on Syria Trump, Clinton to headline Al Smith dinner Overnight Defense: Congress overrides Obama 9/11 veto | Pentagon breathes easy after funding deal | More troops heading to Iraq MORE, Sarah Palin and even Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonClinton mocks Johnson's foreign leader flub The Trail 2016: Just a little kick Clinton gets ‘little kick’ in post-debate polls MORE were unique almost to the point of strange. Sent rather by Central Casting to play the Sidney Poitier role as the “first black president,” with Joe BidenJoe BidenTop Dem: Cures bill funding cut to B Yes, this election will change America forever The FCC’s Privacy Problem MORE as the white-guy sidekick. He intentionally centrally cast himself that way. He was an odd choice for a god.

Obama suffers now for our sins. He is the black man white America wanted. But he is the black man Malcolm X warned about: inauthentic, striving, so proud to be the “first black man” to do things whites like Joe Biden strive beyond their means and abilities for, like editing the Harvard Law Review. He was the black man Malcolm wrote about with unflinching honesty: the captive mind of the white man’s parlor, not the free man of the field.

It was not likely to last. Rasmussen reports this week that 57 percent of U.S. voters feel Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, while only 51 percent say Obama is. Democrats are returning home to mother.

The failure is not entirely Obama’s. He is the completed wish of white dreams and projections. The failure is in liberal dreams that have carried Roosevelt, Lincoln and Jack Kennedy beyond their times. “What would Lincoln do?” Doris Kearns Goodwin asks today in
The New York Times, echoing the Christian’s call to their messiah: What would Jesus do? (WWJD?)

Roosevelt was not a god that failed. He was not a god. He was the quintessential man of his times, but liberals and their hagiographers have turned him into a quasi-religious figure. It will be mocked at the G-20 and G-8 this week when Summers and Geithner bring it to Canada. America will be seen to be still dangling in the wrong century, lagging behind China, Canada and Germany.

Bill ClintonBill ClintonThe Trail 2016: Just a little kick Clinton: Cuban 'unsettled' Trump at debate Eric Trump: Bill Clinton may be the worst sexist 'that ever lived' MORE was right when he said the age of big government was over in January 1996. It put Roosevelt into perspective as man, as mortal genius. In all honesty, Clinton attempted then to find a new role and the phrase “reinvent” came into vogue. Now there is a turning back. But as the G-20 will indicate and China will emphasize, the rest of the world is already moving on.

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