In the euphoria following President Obama's election, we were told time and time again by the intelligentsia that America had finally entered a post-racial era. The man who was supposed to cool the planet and stem our rising tides would also preside over a nation that had finally achieved Dr. King's vision to judge others by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Some 18 months later, the gleam has faded from the hope and change we were promised. $3 trillion added to the deficit, an extremely unpopular healthcare bill rammed through the Congress and constant hectoring by the president have seen his approval ratings drop to the mid-40 percent approval range.

And yet opposition to Mr. Obama has curiously been framed now in issues of black and white rather than legitimate policy disagreements. Consider Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker's rant from last week:

"Successful black and brown professionals have had to learn to be comfortable in a sea of white faces, but most white Americans have not experienced the reverse. When prognosticators were naive enough to believe Obama's election signaled the beginning of a post-racial era, it prompted something altogether different: a backlash against the browning of America."

That such idiocy could come from a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist tells you everything you need to know about the diminished stature of the award. Where to start?

For one, Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds have to be comfortable with one another in order to excel at their jobs. This has nothing to do with racial identification. This isn't Selma in the 1960s, this is America in the 21st century that just elected the first African-American president of the United States.

Second, what on earth is she talking about regarding a “backlash against the browning of America”? The Obama administration itself has repeatedly brought up issues of race and inflamed rather than doused racial tensions.

Attorney General Holder informed us early in their term that we are a "Nation of Cowards" on matters of race. Then the infamous beer summit following the president's characterization of a white police officer arresting his friend Skip Gates as having "acted stupidly." Then there is the Department of Justice refusing to prosecute a clear-cut case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther party while the same DOJ decided to sue both the state of Arizona and a courageous sheriff for seeking to enforce the law regarding illegal immigration.

Unable to rally the county on the president's policies and positions, his cheerleaders in the media continue to trot out the race card to quell legitimate opposition to "The One." Americans are not engaged in a backlash against the browning of America, they are engaged in a struggle to regain control of the country that has lurched sharply to the left and a government that is unresponsive and ignores those who elected them. Come November, the chickens of the out-of-control Democrats and the media who enable them while demonizing opponents as being ignorant racists will come home to roost.