The desperation at the White House these final weeks before Election Day is almost palpable.
For some strange reason, Democrats, led by Obama’s political team, believe they have an election winner in charging Republicans with laundering foreign donations into domestic campaigns.
The proof? They have none, but that hasn’t gotten in the way of some bizarre storyline they’re peddling that millions of Chinese and God-knows-from-who-else dollars are undermining elections this year.
The Hill had two strong stories on the matter yesterday, following yet another salvo by White House senior adviser David Axelrod during his Sunday talk show circuit. If you recall, Axelrod fired these same charges last Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” When asked by host Bob Schieffer to offer any evidence that proved groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were filtering the foreign money, Axelrod replied, “How do you know they’re not?” To wit, Schieffer replied, “Is that the best you got?”
Again this Sunday, Axelrod said the burden of proof was on groups such as the Chamber to disprove his allegation. Huh?
Let’s assume for a moment the American people even know what folks like Axelrod, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and others are alleging. They’re basing this argument in part on a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year. Clearly, Obama himself was upset by that ruling, and he’s hell-bent on using some real-life example of the consequences. The only problem is, no one knows anything about this, let alone understands it.
Yet instead of letting the issue go because it clearly has no political traction, Axelrod and other White House cronies continue to parrot the nonsense.
To me, it threatens to undermine the good credibility of folks such as Gibbs, who is largely respected in his role. Instead of pushing an agenda every Democrat can get behind, such as how the health law seems to be working (their view, not mine), Gibbs chose to call out a Chamber lobbyist by name and tussle with NBC host David Gregory on the veracity of such allegations. C’mon, such back-and-forth is beneath the Office of White House Press Secretary. Would Mike McCurry be seen doing such a thing? Marlin Fitzwater?
The irony of this entire ploy of desperation is Democrats are not entirely sinless on these same allegations. The White House to this day will not disclose certain names of its donors during Obama’s presidential run, nor pressure its allies such as Big Labor to do the same with their donations in this cycle.
Either way, Democrats running for reelection this year need far more help than half-cocked misfires when there are so many other issues and policy challenges worth debating and contrasting for the American voter.

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