Why is our president trying to create a constitutional crisis over the War Powers Act?

Under the act the president can engage in hostile activities for 90 days, or he needs congressional approval.

It is clear that the U.S. is engaged in hostile activities in Libya when it sends drones to bomb Gadhafi forces and military targets. It might be less clear when we're spending $10 million daily to support the NATO alliance in its aggression against Gadhafi.

Nevertheless, a large segment of the GOP and the Democratic Party would have supported Obama's position in Libya if he had chosen to go before Congress. By choosing to ignore the War Powers Act, the president has set the stage for a constitutional crisis between his right to commit U.S. forces and Congress's prerogative to declare war. 

Why is our president setting up a confrontation with Congress over Libya?

The principal reason the Constitution gives Congress the final authority on war is because the American people must be united in any hostile activities and our forefathers were concerned about presidents who would set us on a collision course without the approval of we the people.