Obama's vacation: Vacationing House GOP should shut up about it

The issue of the president's vacation is bogus. Republicans should shut up about it. First, Obama has taken less vacation time, by far, than Presidents Bush or Reagan. I never criticized either of them for vacations. Second, Speaker Boehner is known to enjoy a good time. I never criticized him, either. And third, the Republican House may well set a historic record for few legislative days and much recess. Those in glass houses …

Personally I think the Congress takes too much recess and the prolonged recess today, with jobs so scarce, is inexcusable. I also think it's pretty bad political judgment for the president, who is not a stranger to elitist attitudes (he is in good company) to visit (again) Martha's Vineyard.

I would rather criticize the president, the House, the Senate, Democrats and Republicans for all continuing to fail to propose major jobs initiatives. The vacation issue is phony. The jobs issue is a national crisis. Shame on them all for not fighting for jobs. Shame on vacationing House Republicans for talking about the president's vacation while they fight to the death against jobs programs.

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