I am a big fan of Hank Williams Jr., and own his first three greatest-hits albums. But he should apologize to President Obama for his Hitler reference. Any sentence that combines Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaOn North Korea, give Trump some credit The mainstream media — the lap dogs of the deep state and propaganda arm of the left The Hill's 12:30 Report — Sponsored by Delta Air Lines — Frenzy over Kennedy retirement rumors | Trump challenges DOJ MORE and Adolf Hitler is stupid, ignorant, should not be part of our political discourse, and is an embarrassment to the political right.

There is a distemper in some circles on the right. They say global warming does not exist. One Republican candidate conducts himself in such a way that "N----rhead" enters our campaign discourse after he come close to suggesting violence against the Federal Reserve chairman and equated monetary policy with treason. Another Republican candidate cannot give a declarative answer about whether Mom should die if she lacks health insurance.

Meanwhile, various Republican opiners seem to believe in their television appearances and columns that the presidential campaign is over and Barack Obama has lost. I understand why they wish this were true, but of course it isn't. Perhaps they would have us cancel the election and declare the Republican candidate the winner.

Meanwhile, an American soldier is booed at a Republican debate because he happens to be gay, while Republican candidates stand by silently.

Of course, the know-nothing GOP faction has voices that cannot utter a declarative sentence about evolution, while rejecting overwhelming scientific evidence about global warming.

For those opiners who say or write that the election is over, I would suggest Republicans and their acolytes should not be so confident so long as the Republican Party sometimes looks like a freak show where American troops are booed, Social Security is called a criminal enterprise, job programs are opposed and various nutcases say weird things on a list too long to catalog here.

Hank Williams should apologize to the president and Republicans should decide that certain weird and extreme voices have no place in a major American political party.