Some people seem surprised that the "supercommittee" has failed to achieve its goal, but it should not come as a shock. The Republicans are committed to not raising taxes, which the president certainly knows, and the Democrats are not committed to reducing out-of-control entitlements. It was quite predictable that an agreement would not be reached, which is why candidate Gingrich called the panel the silliest thing he has ever heard of.

It does, however, provide an excellent excuse for the president, who presides over a dysfunctional government, but wants to exempt himself as part of that dysfunction and lay it on everyone else. Had the supercommittee been able to reach an agreement, the economy would not have improved in any substantial way, because we're dealing with a relatively small amount of money in comparison to our debt and deficit; the result would have been more focus on Obama and his lack of leadership.

President Obama's goal from the start was for the committee to fail; this way he can rail against Congress in the upcoming presidential election. Hopefully at some point Congress and the people will begin to hold the president's feet to the fire and tell him that he is our leader — the commander in chief, not the cheerleader in chief.