President Obama's White House is in disarray.

Can any business executive have conflict with Obama's confidante, Valerie Jarrett, and survive? Thus far Jarret is 10- 0 versus her rivals.

With the departure of Bill Daley, we are witnessing five chiefs of staff in less than four years.

We are now observing the collapse of a desperate administration that accurately and logically are concluding it has little or no chance for reelection.

I think it’s fair to conclude that they will come up with some new and interesting strategy to portray Obama as the only hope for those people in our society who feel that the good times have passed them by. This, in the minds of Obama and Co., includes most of America.

Unfortunately for them, the people are not as stupid as the administration thinks they are. Therefore they understand that if you destroy the financial foundation of our nation, ultimately no one will benefit.

They also understand that the people are not each other's enemy and the class warfare agenda will ultimately backfire on President Obama.

We could have a landslide of great proportions in November that encompasses Congress as well as the White House. Hopefully the GOP would have learned by watching how severely the Democrats bungled things when they held the reins of both houses and the White House and not misinterpret the meaning of the true mandate.