President Obama was overheard telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that they needed to be patient until after the election, after which time he will have more flexibility to address the countries’ areas of disagreement.

The president in fact was saying that he had to say certain things and present a persona before the American people to win his reelection. He made it clear that after he wins the election there will be no political constraints, and he could do whatever he wants, regardless of the “will of the people.”

It was obvious that what will be done after the November elections would be more favorable to the Russians’, and not U.S., interest.

It's hard to understand how even the most pro-Obama liberal supporters can't see the hypocrisy and contempt for the “will of the people” that exists in this revelation. This episode gives us more insights into the way President Obama operates and thinks. It makes it more understandable why he was willing to disregard the “will of the people” during the healthcare debate and in virtually every other debate. He simply believes that his will and opinion supersedes that of the people.