The same-sex marriage issue and Obama's inability to have a consistent viewpoint illustrates that he is nothing more than a politician whose views fluctuate with the wind. It is obvious that this is all about politics, Vice President Biden included.

There was a vote in North Carolina that the president was hoping to affect, and failed miserably. His left-wing base are clamoring for his approval on gay marriage before they will fully commit to him. Therefore, principles have gone out of the window and politics has taken the driver’s seat.

A person of conviction who acts out of principle rather than political expediency is what our nation desperately needs now. Obama should be willing to state unequivocally now that he has come out in favor of gay marriage and what principles define his belief and why such a belief is unlikely to change in the future. Similarly, had he been against gay marriage, he should have been able to do the same. The people and the media need to begin to pressure those running for public office to put forth the basis of their beliefs. This would make it much more difficult in the future for them to arbitrarily change their views. 

On the issue of same-sex marriage, reasonable people would agree that any two consenting adults can have relationships in which they can live together, sleep together, eat and do whatever they wish together, for this is a free society. However, they do not get to redefine an institution such as marriage that is a societal foundation. If we begin to redefine the very pillars of our stable society based on political expediency our society will rapidly crumble. We must return principles and values to our society which includes being fair to everyone while not changing who we are.