President Obama has been hijacked by those on the cultural left who live on the edge of the woods and those lost long and vengeful in the dark forest. Lady Gaga’s "controversial" “Judas” performance projects onto Obama. Frank Gehry, of the army of post-war artists and academics lost on the path to transfiguration, reflects on Obama. Every Hollywood narcissist whose time has passed who raises cash for BHO reflects on him whenever she enters rehab. BHO needs an overhaul, and not another queer eye for the straight guy. He needs to rediscover his Kansas roots.

Times have changed. Today, the better writers work on TV and the better actors work in troupes. The president has changed with the times. BHO's early writing was geared to the times. He rose spectacularly with the age of "diversity and globalization." The age has passed with the Clintons. It is hard to imagine BHO sitting at a World Cup soccer match with Mick Jagger as Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonBill Clinton blasts family separation: 'Children should not be bargaining chips' In memory of Charles Krauthammer, an American genius and dear friend The case for a ‘Presidents’ Club’ to advise Trump MORE did, to accentuate the generationality and the naive vision of globalization that soccer was said to bring to the world in the ’60s. BHO has far more class and intuition and is of course a generation ahead. It is difficult to imagine Bill actually having intimate friendships with anyone out of his generation. It is possible to imagine BHO friends with anyone.

He has, with some good success, marketed himself specifically and accurately, to a winning demographic, which brought him to the presidency. At the same time, as Fouad Ajami has written, he created a horde and built false hope in those who see, in the banality of politics, a messiah. It is the curse of our past century, and if he stays with it, BHO will be just another god that failed.

But having met him briefly here in NH, he did not seem like a guy who sought to create transference as if to a cult or generational god like Clinton did. My thought was that with BHO it was possible to have a conversation.

But he needs now to show the rest of himself to us, particularly he to whom he owes that flashing smile: his real father, the man who raised him, his Kansas grandfather Stanley Dunham. The other one didn’t seem to be around that much.

BHO's Dreams From My Father seemed largely a vision of a life geared to the market 20 years back. I felt like I had read it before somewhere because it was written to reinforce and to remind, which is how you successfully surf the existing themes of the market. But BHO always showed more originality. I was always more impressed by the two-fisted heartland grandfather, Stanley Dunham. BHO has with that the same thing Susan Eisenhower and Ike had — sturdy rural dependability. It you look closely, you can see, but he needs to show us. He needs to show it to get reelected. We need to see it because we need it.