Obama's recent declaration of his new immigration deportation policy might not be legal, but it is certainly a home run in the realm of political maneuvering. This man is one of the best and most ruthless politicians we have witnessed in modern politics. This is the very reason he occupies the Oval Office. The president knew that Sen. Rubio was making tremendous progress in a bipartisan fashion with this very issue of immigration reform. Rubio has said repeatedly that he wants to cast the GOP as the party of legal immigration, even as he has warned other Republicans that their rhetoric is hurting the party’s efforts to reach out to Hispanic voters.

He also knew that it was critical for him to completely shore up his Hispanic vote while blindsiding Rubio and the GOP. He therefore calculated that by stealing Rubio's thunder and game plan, he would once again become the hero to the Latino community. It is likely for many that this was a correct calculation and testimony to the president's political savvy. The GOP does not have a response because they cannot respond without appearing to be insensitive and xenophobic. It is clear that we have a first-rate politician as the leader of our nation. The real question is, in these very challenging economic times, do we need a politician or a statesman with principles?

These are extraordinary times that we've living in, and not politics as usual. The outcome of the fall elections will determine whether American society remains independent and in a leadership position or if we become more like our European neighbors with no thoughts of exceptionalism.

Most people who are over the age of 40 will remember growing up feeling surprised as they learn about our nation, its values, principles, and what we had accomplished. Younger generations have been deluged with images of our incompetence and greed. They don't share a sense of pride and glowing respect about the most powerful and compassionate nation the world has ever known.

Not only are we losing our own self-respect, but the world is losing a powerful deterrent to the forces of evil. It's not too late to change our course and prayerfully "we the people" and the mainstream media will soon come to understand the implications of the choices we are making.