Many people regret electing President Obama because of the realization that his policies have led to the decline of our nation. However, it is quite possible that his election is the best thing that has happened to our nation in a very long time. The consequences of such an election have served to awaken the spirit of America and have helped us realize that this is a free nation of independent people who are not driven by government policy.

People decided to go for the popular candidate who promised “hope” and “change” as opposed to the candidate whom many Americans saw as a third term of Bush. Four years later, the American people realize that we have a problem in this country when there is 8.2 percent unemployment and $16 trillion in national debt. We as Americans realized we need those conservative values and principles to make our nation great again. Obama’s election showed us that sometimes bad things can happen for a good reason.

If Obama had not been elected, we would have continued to slowly drift away from the values and principles that made us into a great nation. If all else fails, just remember: “This too shall pass.”