It now appears likely that President Obama will name White House Chief of Staff Jack LewJack LewTop conservative rails against ‘clean’ debt limit increase Trump mocked Obama for three chiefs of staff in three years Mnuchin wants ‘clean debt-ceiling’ bill MORE to become the next Treasury secretary. Lew would be an excellent choice. His selection for Treasury would mean that President Obama would name a new chief of staff, and there is no better person in America for the post than Air Force veteran and former congressman, senator and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.).

Daschle has enormous credibility, respect and experience throughout the upper strata of American political and business leadership. He is trusted by leading Democrats and has long-term relations of trust with a long list of leading Republicans, which will be essential to achieving major goals in the current political climate in Washington.

Washington today sorely misses the kind of personal and working relationships of mutual confidence and trust that was once the norm of highest governing. Members of the House and Senate and administrations from both parties don't know each other the way they once did. Democrats and Republicans are more familiar with the travel schedules of Reagan airport than they are with each other. There is little of the socializing, personal relationships, friendships and collegial habits that have historically made Washington work.

Tom Daschle has these relationships, in large numbers, on both sides of the aisle. He has great skill negotiating major agreements and strong relationships with power players in Congress, business and the media. He knows the policies, politics and power centers of every major domestic and international issue and would be an outstanding choice for White House chief of staff. The more Tom Daschle's vast talents and experience are put into service for the president and the nation, the better.