Yesterday during Obama's press conference he once again threw down the gauntlet to Republicans, emphasizing that, during the debt-ceiling debate, spending cuts were not going to be addressed. He also made it clear that if the Republicans tried making cuts an issue, they would be responsible for veterans and Social Security recipients not getting their checks, and more financial turmoil.

As with the fiscal-cliff debate, Obama is hoping that the Republicans will be frightened into submission and they will forget the fact that he also bears responsibility for any fiscal consequences that will probably ensue. Because of the allegiance of the mainstream media to the president, he feels he can always set the agenda and control the narrative; therefore, veracity is not necessary.

The only true way to defend the American people and our way of life is for those who oppose Obama's policies of limitless spending, is to forget about the consequences of being blamed. In fact, you will already be blamed, so why not simply state that you'll be blamed and take a principled position to save our nation from further bankruptcy?

The president is an adept expert at the blame game and is extremely inept at accepting any responsibility. If our country is going to be saved soon, someone has to step up and take on the role of grown-up. It is very unlikely that person will be someone who stated, as a senator in 2007, that raising the debt ceiling was irresponsible and as president in 2013 states that not raising it is irresponsible.