The willing volunteers understand the importance of maintaining a long-held tradition of allowing the people to visit the people's house. The fact that the White House has refused these offers makes it clear that this is nothing more than a political ploy and the Obama administration truly doesn't care that many schools have planned these tours for more than a year.

What is more disheartening is that the liberal mainstream media isn't castigating the White House for this mean-spirited political game. The media are in desperate need of self-examination to determine if they have any soul whatsoever.

It was also recently revealed that educational grants for veterans will be severely curtailed after the next semester. In many cases veterans join the military to take advantage of this educational benefit. At the same time educational grants for illegal aliens will be continued. What does this say about the priorities of this administration?

How in God's name can anyone justify lessening the educational advantages of veterans and leaving illegal aliens' benefits untouched. Once again the mainstream media has ignored this obvious anti-American story. The fact that the media don't protest and we the people remain silent has emboldened this administration to virtually do anything it wants to do.

This can only happen because this administration recognizes there are no consequences for this behavior.

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