It was no accident that Israel was President Obama’s first foreign visit in his second term. He had something to prove to the people of the Jewish state, and he succeeded with several home runs. To say the people of Israel were overwhelmed and thoroughly impressed would be an understatement.

Through both his words and actions, Obama expressed an unwavering support for Israel, helped assuage doubts about America’s commitment to Israeli security and strengthened the state’s relationship with the U.S. He also put Iran on notice that the allies are united, rather than divided, over the need to halt Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.

The sincerity of our president will be put to the test now that the dust has settled and the visit is already fading into the rear-view mirror. Huge challenges still confront America's closest ally in the region, but the Jewish state hopefully can walk a little taller today with the knowledge that the world's only superpower has publicly and powerfully pledged to be in Israel's corner.

Job well done, Mr. President!