Regarding the IRS, heads should roll after the facts are ascertained that will tell us whose head(s) should appropriately roll. 

Based on evidence so far, neither Obama nor his White House staff knew about or had anything to do with the IRS abuse. Let's put the opining of Joe Klein of Time magazine, who used the words "Obama" and "Nixon" in the same contemplations, in the toilet where they belong. Klein has been watching too much cable television. He might try reading books, especially history books. 

Regarding the Justice Department investigation of The Associated Press, two points here as well: First, the leak of classified information involving Yemen and a thwarted terror plot was a despicable and criminal action that endangered our national security. I know much about intelligence matters from experience with the inside and the dark side, and trust me, this was a damaging and despicable leak. 

Second, however, an investigation that targeted such a huge swath of AP communications, involving a large number of reporters and sources, was an overkill of a dangerous magnitude that was unwise and unacceptable, based on everything we know so far. 

I have a clear theory of the general direction of the suspected leaker (hint, he or she may be employed by Congress) but still, there has been an overkill in this case that during the Obama administration should not be repeated.

Will Benghazi, the IRS case, and the leak investigation have a major impact on 2014 or 2016? I think not, but time will tell. 

Will Benghazi, the IRS case, and the leak investigation create an employment program for partisan Republican lawyers and congressional staff using taxpayer money to subsidize partisan activities? You betcha, and this will probably help Republicans against the two-term Obama as much as it helped Republicans against the two-term Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonBill Clinton blasts family separation: 'Children should not be bargaining chips' In memory of Charles Krauthammer, an American genius and dear friend The case for a ‘Presidents’ Club’ to advise Trump MORE

Do Benghazi, the IRS case and the leak investigation suggest something about Obama's governing style that the president would be well-advised to reflect upon? Absolutely. You bet. 

Giving the president every benefit of every doubt, these matters involve major mistakes that the president may not have known about but which occurred on his watch and were done by federal employees who believed they were doing what he wanted, even if they were completely wrong in believing this. 

I am developing a very specific and substantial suggestion for what the president might do now and privately canvassing some very high-level Democrats behind the scenes. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, let's ignore the stampeding herd of the media and the deep-breathing opining of the partisans. These are serious matters that demand serious solutions.