President Obama, the American people are still waiting for meaningful results from the grandiose plans you so eloquently articulated to the public. However, there is no rhetoric that you can smoothly deliver or enough teleprompters that can fabricate the results you have promised. Where is the change you have promised? I'm sharing the sentiments of many Americans when I say the numbers don't lie.

Where are the 3 million jobs you were supposed to create? Are these tied up in the political wrangling that you convinced the voters you would overcome?

It seems that if you cannot get a healthcare plan signed off on, it is difficult to manufacture jobs in something that doesn't exist. More importantly, what is the cost of creating any of the jobs you promise? Perhaps the answer lies in the unemployment rate, which is flirting with 10 percent. Let's now forget to include the trillion-dollar price tag that comes with your plans for creating jobs. Again, pardon the confusion it still remains unclear if it is intended to create jobs or take them away, given the continued rise in unemployment. Two steps forward, three steps back — right?

Let's not forget the $100 billion GM debacle. Why does your administration house the only people who thought a bailout of GM made sense? Everyone but you and your team saw that it was a matter of time before GM would sink under its own weight — of an unsustainable cost structure, inefficient operations and inferior vehicles. But you insisted — with taxpayers' dollars — to publicly chastise the executives (which amounted to a slap on the wrist) only to let them run the business into the ground. Ever hear of the expression “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”? It's very apropos to your economic policy.

Mr. President, we thought you were coming to Washington to bring about much-needed change — not prove to the American people that you cannot subsidize your way out of an economic crisis. And as for jobs, the goal is to create them, not let millions go away only to replace them with items from your political agenda.

Tick, tock, Mr. President — time is not on your side.

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