Here is how the Labor Department’s OFCCP-generated article characterizes construction employment: “Construction jobs often represent a means of entry into the American middle class. Data from the [Bureau of Labor Statistics] show that construction is a comparatively well-paying field.”

If the Keystone XL pipeline project provides the means for just 5,000 families to exit government dependency and enter the middle class, it will be worth it.

That’s 5,000 Americans who purchase more goods and services, and rather than drain our nation’s Treasury, they contribute to it.

That’s 5,000 Americans who are on a path to achieving their own personal American Dream, if only Obama and his minions get out of the way.

Five thousand American families may not mean much when dealing with an economy that has 156 million people in the workforce, but with 12 million unemployed, a good construction job is like a drink of cold water for a desert traveler for those seeking work. 

To put 5,000 jobs into proper perspective, Obama’s Department of Energy spent more than $11 million for each of the 2,298 permanent green jobs created since 2009, according to an Institure for Energy Research report. 

Now, with a mere stroke of a pen, he could double this output with zero cost to taxpayers. 

Of course, if the company that is actually planning on building the pipeline is correct in its estimate of how many construction workers it plans to hire, the number expands to 9,000 construction jobs, with thousands more that support the project.  

It is interesting that Labor Department employees continue to extol the value of construction jobs in America at the same time that their boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. denigrates them for their non-permanent nature.

Perhaps Obama should try reading the Labor Department’s “award winning” blog. He just might learn something. 

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the vice president of public policy and Communications for Americans for Limited Government.