I have to say, this president continues to amaze me, and, to a lesser extent, puzzle me in the slightest ways.

Standing before a nation where just barely 30 percent believe we are on the right track, the president had an open invitation to criticize the man who sat barely 10 feet away from him. And yet during his Inaugural speech, President Obama chose to look forward, not backward. He seized this moment in history, and moved to make some of his own.

His speech and his behavior these past few weeks only further prove my point. At various public appearances this month building up to this momentous day, he could have drifted into the tired talking points of Howard Dean, Al Sharpton or Nancy Pelosi. He could have bitterly reminded Americans that we are in the midst of financial, military and moral messes, and claim that George Bush and Republicans are all to blame.

Yet instead of further solidifying his party by tearing down his opponents, he wisely chose the path less traveled. Today, Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaReport: FCC chair to push for complete repeal of net neutrality Right way and wrong way Keystone XL pipeline clears major hurdle despite recent leak MORE is every American's president. Young, old, black, white, rich, poor, liberal or conservative, we all felt the power of his words and the might of his vision.

Time will tell if he remains on this narrow but true path, in the face of withering criticisms even from those in his own party. But that's the unpredictability of this man — his uncanny ability to chart his own course and bring others along with him to explore this new vision he so ably shared with us in 2008.

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