Reagan and Thatcher would spank Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio over Syria

Reagan and Thatcher would take Paul, Cruz, and Rubio across their knees and administer a serious spanking for their shameless performance over Syria. Look at Paul, whose opposition to any credible action against Assad led me to recently label him "Assad's man in Washington." 

Of course Assad is rooting for Paul to prevail and for the do nothing. Looks like Paul is feeling the heat. Now he says that Assad should be killed for using chemical weapons. But he continues to oppose any military action against Assad. Who does Paul suggest should kill Assad if he opposes even targeted air strikes? 

Reagan would take Paul to the woodshed for this incoherence. Speaking of incoherence, both Rubio and Cruz used to perform great imitations of Reagan and the Marines landing at Iwo Jima in their discussions of Syria — until Obama decided to act. 

Then Rubio and Cruz looked like the chickens watching Colonel Sanders coming when Obama decided to make his move for military action. Rubio and Cruz should not be debating Obama; they should be debating themselves. 

The militarism of what Rubio and Cruz used to say is the opposite of the appeasement and pacifism they preach today. And now, Russian President Vladimir Putin insults the U.S. in The New York Times while he negotiates with the U.S. about Syria.

We should negotiate — without America being undermined by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio while we negotiate. Yes indeed, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would be appalled by the performance of Paul, Cruz and Rubio on Syria, though they will receive high praise from Assad, kind words from Putin and sincere accolades from former President Jimmy Carter. 

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