This just in — President Bush is still relevant. The House failed to override his SCHIP veto yesterday and please note that not only did no Republican change his or her previous vote after a political pummeling from the Democrats, but that the field of GOP presidential candidates fell in line behind Bush on this issue as well.

Oh, and about the other big recent legislative push in Congress, the Armenian genocide bill: that too has been put on the back burner after Bush and Turkey pushed back on the idea. On warrantless surveillance the Democrats are buckling under the pressure. Just watch what happens with that telecom industry immunity issue. Bush will win on that, too.

Bush had the nerve this week to say that he and the Congress are coming together on Iraq. Isn't that true, if the status quo rules the day? There is no change in Iraq policy looming. And don't the presidential front-runners of both parties sound a lot like Bush on Iran?

I agree with President Bush — he is still relevant.

Do you think Bush is relevant? Is the new Democratic majority any more relevant?
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