10. Why do we still need national party conventions? They no longer decide anything and TV doesn’t cover them. We could bestow the nominations at regular meetings of the parties’ national committees.

9. Can you think of a dumber idea than developing a list of the “Top 10 Party Schools in America?” Why is excessive drinking among college students so funny to some?

8. Aren’t there better candidates for the help of the Atlanta NAACP than Michael Vick?

7. Is it really a good idea for the White House to compare Iraq and Vietnam? Most Americans believe that Vietnam was a mistake and might be more likely to conclude that about Iraq.

6. Isn’t it stunning how quickly the approval ratings of the new Democratic Congress have gone South?

5. Isn’t the term “political genius” overused? The media usually focuses on clever phraseology or hard ball politics when making this judgment about someone. In reality, political acumen involves far larger doses of implementation of your game plan and the courage to stay the course.

4. If states keep moving up their presidential primaries, what will come first, the Iowa caucuses or the BCS championship game in college football (set for January 8, 2008)?

3. Will we ever see a better “producer” of an unfolding political story than Michael Deaver? In an era before the birth of the “new media,” he helped Ronald Reagan navigate the hostile “old media” and tell his story directly to the American people.

2. Isn’t Nicolas Sarkozy, the new President of France, a breath of fresh air?

1. How tough would it be to ask the President of the United States for permission to marry his daughter? Good luck to Henry Hager and first daughter Jenna Bush.