What’s next for Alberto Gonzales?

Obviously, another congressional hearing’s not the answer. Because we know by now, all Gonzo does is go up to the Hill and lie. Expecting George Bush to fire him’s not the answer, either. Ain’t gonna happen.

That’s why four Democratic senators have asked the Solicitor General to name a special counsel to investigate whether Gonzo committed perjury by lying about his role in the NSA spying program and the firing of the U.S. attorneys. 

Is that the way to go? To be honest, I’m not so sure. After Ken Starr, I swore I never wanted to see another special counsel in my lifetime. Even Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t do the job he was hired for. He never nailed anyone with the crime of leaking Valerie Plame’s identity.

This special counsel, too, could be a total bust. We might spend all that money for nothing — and end up leaving Gonzales off the hook. At this time, however, I don’t see any other option. A special counsel may not be our best choice, but it’s our only choice.

So let’s bring in a special counsel and put Alberto Gonzales under criminal investigation. If that doesn’t work, there’s always impeachment. Somehow, someday, George Bush has to get the message that removing Alberto Gonzales from office is what’s best for the Department of Justice — and for the country.