I just became aware that George Bush's Secret Service protection is only guaranteed for 10 years after he leaves office. The last president grandfathered in for lifetime Secret Service was Bill Clinton.

Folks, whatever we think of George Bush, this is simply wrong. Obviously he would be a potential target, as would any American president going forward after Sept. 11, for the rest of his life.

My hope and advice to Democratic leaders is to offer a proposal to reinstate lifetime Secret Service protection for all future presidents, or at a minimum provide it for George Bush. Go to Republican leaders, make it bipartisan, and pass it. 

This is not a close call. Sometimes issues are clearly right or wrong. It is self-evident that taking away George Bush's Secret Service protection at any point in the future would be just flat-out wrong.

A grateful nation would appreciate even this modest bipartisan gesture. It is clearly the right thing to do.