As Sen. Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin GrahamOvernight Health Care — Presented by the Association of American Medical Colleges — Trump officials move to expand non-ObamaCare health plans | 'Zero tolerance' policy stirs fears in health community | New ObamaCare repeal plan McCain, Coons: Trump should withdraw controversial refugee nominee GOP senators drafting legislation to keep immigrant families together MORE (R-S.C.) calls conservatives who oppose the immigration bill bigots and promises to shut them up, the president calls them unpatriotic and turns his demonization politics against the Republican Party’s base.

Here is the state of play for Republicans: the conservative Republicans accuse progressive Democrats of being unpatriotic, while the president accuses conservative Republicans of being unpatriotic.

The worm turns.

The revolution begins.

Already the pundit class proclaims how the Democrats are enjoying this.

If Democrats are enjoying this, here is the state of play: 70 percent of the American people do not approve of the president, do not approve of the Republicans in Congress, do not approve of the Democratic Congress, do not approve of the Iraq war, and do not approve of anything coming out of official Washington today.

It is America versus Washington.

For the Democrats in Washington on Iraq, and for the Republicans in Washington on immigration, the Washington insider classes have alienated and often disgusted the political base of both parties and the enormous and growing number of independent voters.

Remember this phrase: America versus Washington.

Consider this prediction: By September 2007 the Republican president and Democratic Congress will both have favorable ratings under 25 percent.

Will 2008 be a sweeping anti-incumbent election?

What happens when both political parties so dramatically alienate both their respective political bases, and the mass of independent voters, at the same time?

It’s America versus Washington, and my bet is that America will win.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks.