I know this is hard to believe, but I began this blog post yesterday with the idea of praising President Bush. I thought, you know, Bush is getting a bum rap on his immigration reform proposal. He has stuck by the importance of actually solving the problem, getting something done, producing a compromise plan and working with all sides.

And I actually feel that he believes in a humane, comprehensive plan that treats people fairly and deals with the need for enforcement and border control. He, of all people, understands the issue from his days as governor of Texas and has been totally consistent for years.

OK, so what happened?

Bush goes to Georgia and attacks his opponents (primarily Republicans this time) with accusations that they have not read the bill, that “they don’t want to do what’s right for America” and they want to “frighten people.”

Instead of making his case for the bill he attacks those who don’t agree with him. Will this help sway those who are on the fence? I doubt it. Will this cause those who oppose him to back off? Hardly. In fact, the likelihood is that those who are against him will strike back even harder. Why not? You’re dealing with a president who has a 28 percent approval rating.

So Bush, who has the high ground on immigration reform, takes the debate down several notches instead of elevating it. What a shame.

I do admire Bush on this issue, no matter which side you take, but he just can’t help himself when he resorts to personal attacks on his opponents, making it less likely that he will achieve his goals.