I support the Senate immigration deal. I think Mel Martinez and Jon Kyl did a great job. I believe this issue needs to be taken off the table this year for Republicans to be able to focus on other issues in the time for the next election.

That being said, I have to wonder if the House is even going to take it up.

I sincerely doubt that the House Republican minority is in any mood to help out the White House or the Senate and vote for this deal And I doubt that Nancy Pelosi or Rahm Emanuel will bring it to a vote without a certain number of Republicans voting for it.

Conservatives hate this bill. They hate it because it is good politics to hate it. And some hate it because they don’t like the policy.

Liberals hate this bill. They hate it because it doesn’t completely open up the borders to illegal immigration.  And some may hate it because of labor.

So if the conservatives and the liberals hate it, it must be a good compromise, right? While that may be true, the current makeup of the House doesn’t lead to good compromises getting passed. Those who make up the middle of the road are small in number and smaller in influence.

I wouldn’t bring out the champagne just yet. The White House and the Senate might think they have a deal.  But they have to deal with the House to get a real deal. And that will not easy.